Ska-Jazz &Beyond Vol.3 Mixtape -Vocal

Ska-Jazz &Beyond Vol.3 Mixtape -Vocal

Side A
Un Kuartito -Skatalitiko
Court Jester’s Crew -Remember
St Petersburg Ska Jazz Review – Too Good To Be True
Trains Tone – Blue Hour
Moon Hop -Cats On A Hot Tin Roof Rockets To New Hights
The Orobians -Whose Side Are You On
Begoña Bang Matu -Orchesta Kington – This Is Rhythm
PUT3SKA-Moonstomp Tonight
Blue Beat Makers – Como un Sueño

Side B

Sig Ragga -Eclipse
Root Diamoons -From Jamaica
The Pepper Pots -Feat Dr.Ring Ding -Stay On Your Way
The Gramophone Allstars – In a Sentimental Mood
Ska-J -Senza Fine
The Oldians – Same Old Song
Beat Sunset – ????
WHSKS-Jazzy Ska




1.- LOS FASTIDIOS “Scooterboy” (Italia)
2.- THE SPECIALS “Rat Race” (Inglaterra)
3.- SKATALITES feat Ken Boothe “I Never Knew” (Jamaica)
4.- KEN BOOTHE “Speak Softly Love” (Jamaica)
5.- BUCKMAN COE “Malama Ka’ Aina” (Canada)
6.- MARUMBA “Sunray” (Italia)
7.- META & THE CORNERSTONE feat Concha Buika “Regardless” (Senegal-España)
8.- META & THE CORNERSTONE “Bilal” (Senegal)
9.- PLUTONIC JURUMINGA “Plutonic Juruminga” (Venezuela)
10.- JAHAZIEL “No Tengo Miedo” (Venezuela)
11.- MOROS EN LA COSTA “Señorita” (Venezuela)
12.- LOS FABULOSO CADILLACS “Gallo Rojo” (Argentina)
13.- BIG JAVY & LOS TENAMPA “Mi Fortuna” (Mexico)
14.- MEZCAL “Chula LInda” (Mexico)
15.- MEZCAL “Rukas” (Mexico)
16.- SUKURUMBA “Up The River” (Alemania)
17.- THE STIMULATORS “Music Of My Mind” (Alemania)
18.- GO JIMMY GO “Own Thang” (USA)
19.- GO JIMMY GO feat Jesee Wagner “Message To You Medley” (USA)
20.- SKASSAPUNKA “Hashtag La Victoria” (Italia)


Ska-Jazz & Beyond Vol.2 Mixtape

Side: A
The Internacional -Bang Bang
Jamaican Jazz Orchestra Skank It
Moskovskaya – Jazzin Jazz
Banana Peel Slippers – Jazz on Monday
See Spot – After Hours
Skavoovie & The Epitones – Foster’s Ghost (Theme)
Stubborn Allstars – Rich Morrissey
Kingstton Kitchen – Kroshka
Smoking Flamingos – Wisper Not

Side :B

Mr.Swing & The Bongo Clan -Be-Bop (Dizzie Gillespie
Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra -The World Has Gone Mad
Yellow Umbrella – Freedom Fries
Royal Family – King & His Court
Jhon James & The Soulmakers – Don Drummon
The Miceteeth – El Domingo
Mr.Fly Ska Band -The Sleeping Cat
Rude Rich & The Hightnotes – The Cat
Mampy – Another Monk




Ska-Jazz & Beyond Vol 1 -Mixtape

01.Eskalator -Golden Nightwolf
02.La Ghenga – Mr Funeral
03.Jazzbo -Skanking the Blues Away
04.The Upsessions -Dirty Cash
05.Blue Beat Players – Loco
06.Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation – Goldie
07.Eastern Standad Time – El Guapo
08.Vespa -Jesien w Swinoujsciu
09.Kalles Kaviar -Flying On Cloud Nine
10.Yebo -Reburial
11.Moastrogiovanny Ska Jazz Ensemble – Song for My Father
12.Cabernet Deneuve -tHEOPHANE sKA
13.YESKA – Fried Neckbones & Home Fries
14.Skazz -Welcome to Civilisation
15.The Woodsenders – 15h44
16.The Beat Sunset – Akagi
17.Desbaratanbanda -The Red Hot Navigator
18. 5TA Ave Ska-Jazz -Taxman
19.Train’s Tone – Long Road
20.Manifiesto Ska Jazz – Cielo




Rudeboy Train #34

1.- LOS CAPAROS “Ska Doctor” (Israel)
2.- THE BLUEBEATS “Esmeralda” (USA)
3.- NORTH EAST SKA JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat Olli Riva “Good Rockin’ Daddy” (Italia)
4.- THE OROBIANS “Smalltown Boy” (Italia)
5.- SKA-J “Skadele” (Italia)
6.- THE OFFENDERS “Careless Whisper” (Italia)
7.- SUSAN CADOGAN “Don’t Know Why” (Jamaica)
8.- LITTLE TEMPO feat Rico Rodriguez “Rasta De Pon Dem” (Japón-Jamaica)
9.- EARTH BEAT MOVEMENT “Tell The People” (Italia)
10.- DUB INC “The Want Riddim”
11.- SUR MARTIRES “Hijos de Jah” (Venezuela)
12.- MOROS EN LA COSTA “Dulce Mirada” (Venezuela)
13.- ALLANAMIENTO MORAL “Un Sol Apagado” (Venezuela)
14.- SIMILARES DIFERENTES “Juanito El Revolucionario” (Venezuela)
15.- LOS CHICKLETS “Cuando” (Mexico)
16.- STEFF TEJ & EJECTES “Santa Media” (Francia)
17.- ROOTS ROUNDUP “1%er” (Canada)
18.- BAILDSA “Baildsa” (Grecia)
19.- THE SKA VENDORS “Love Me Or Leave Me” (Australia)
21.- THE FUNADDICTS “Inspector Martens” (Australia)
22.- SKA-T “Seven” (Alemania)
23.- THE BUTLERS “P.U.S.H” (Alemania)


Rudeboy Train #33

1.- RUDE & THE LICKSHOTS “We No Bunga Bunga” (Italia)
2.- JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION “Goddamn Right” (Alemania)
3.- GO JIMMY GO “The Governor’s Daughter” (USA)
4.- THE FUSS “Trouble (In Trouble)” (USA)
5.- THE STEADY 45s “Get Her Back” (USA)
6.- OPERATION OFFBEAT “No Discussion” (Inglaterra”
7.- INDOU “Been A White” (Japon)
8.- FATIGA HORMIGA “El Loco” (Argentina/Venezuela)
9.- PSICOSIS “Cuidado” Live (Peru)
10.- VIA DE ESCAPE “Welcome To My Island” (Venezuela)
11.- 9MM “No Quiero Despertar” (Venezuela)
12.- TONO RUDO “El Padrino” (Venezuela)
13.- FRATELLI DI SOLEDAD “O Rugido Do Leao” (Italia)
14.- THE OROBIANS “Close To Me” (Italia)
15.- VALLANZASKA “Smeels Like Teen Spirit” (Italia)
16.- BAD MANNERS “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” (Inglaterra)
17.- TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA “Cielito Lindo” (Japón)
18.- THE BRACES “Jealousy” (Alemania)
19.- beNUTS “Tic Toc” (Alemania)
20.- THE PIETASTERS “Out All Night” (USA)


Rudeboy Train #32

1.- THE TROPICANS “Let´s Do Ska” (Japon)
2.- THE FABOULOS LOLO “Mix Up Boy” (Canada)
4.- JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION “I Can’t Tell You” (Alemania)
5.- THE BIONIC RATS “I’m Doing Good Today” (Irlanda)
6.- RADICI NEL CEMENTO “Quelli Dentro” (Italia)
7.- JAMARAM “Pa’ Mi Gente” (Alemania)
8.- KING BANANA “Just In Time” (Alemania)
9.- BEATSQUAD “Solid Ground” (Suecia)
10.- SUR MARTIRES “Levantemonos” (Venezuela)
11.- D’KHALAFARYS “Not Even A Back Step” (Venezuela)
12.- LA GENTE “1,2,3” (Venezuela)
13.- DESORDEN PUBLICO “El Deporte de Aqui” (Venezuela)
14.- PARALAMAS “Dos Margaritas” (Brasil)
15.- ULISES HADJIS “Cinema Mudo” (Venezuela)
16.- LOS PRISIONEROS “Maldito Sudaca” (Chile)
17.- FLAVIO & MANDINGA PROJECT “Ministra” (Argentina)
18.- THE EQUALS “Police On My Back” (Inglaterra)
19.- THE SELECTER “The Big Badoof” (Inglaterra)
20.- FRATELLI DI SOLEDAD “Versante Est” (Italia)
21.- THE LEMON SQUEEZERS “Per Elisa” (Italia)


Don Drummond -Don Cosmic 2017

Don Cosmic is a new Studio One compilation that chronicles the legacy and influence of Don Drummond, one of Jamaica’s most legendary performers during the ska era. This collection features a handful of Don Drummond rarities, many of which have never been featured on prior albums. You can hear Drummond’s timeless sound all across the Studio One catalog, and Don Cosmic is the perfect vehicle for shedding light on the trombonist’s unrivaled legacy.


Track List :
1. Don Drummond & His Group – Roll on Sweet Don

2. Don Drummond – Don Cosmic

3. Don Drummond – Coolie Boy

4. Don Drummond – Surplus

5. Don Drummond – The Shock

6. Don Drummond & His Green Landers – Schooling the Duke

7. Don Drummond – Reload

8. Don Drummond – Last Call (Take 1)

9. Don Drummond – Last Call (Take 2)

10. Don Drummond & the Skatalites – Far East (aka Further East / Trolley Song)

11. Don Drummond – Green Island

12. Don Drummond – Jet Stream

13. Don Drummond – The Rocket

14. Don Drummond & the Skatalites – Scrap Iron

15. Don Drummond – Rain or Shine (Take 1)

16. Don Drummond – Rain or Shine (Take 2)

17. Don Drummond – Rain or Shine (Take 3)

18. The Cecil Lloyd Group featuring Don Drummond – Grooving with the Beat

19. Workshop Musicians – Serenade in Sound


The Techniques & Friends -Winston Rileys -Rocksteady & Reggae 1968-1969

Winston Riley started his production career as a singer with an enviable track record, having formed the Techniques in 1962 and hitting the top of the charts two years later with the splendid ‘Little Did You Know’ for Duke Reid’s esteemed Treasure Isle label. When the frantic ska beat slowed down and turned into rocksteady Winston remained the only permanent component of the Techniques, arguably Jamaica’s finest vocal group.

As the beat changed yet again from rock steady to the faster reggae format, Winston’s thoughts turned to production, and he decided to create his own ‘Techniques’ label. A serious man with a serious work ethic, the quality of his music was apparent from the start as he released hit after hit, producing and singing as part of the different combinations of singers and vocal groups that he worked with.

In 1970 he produced his biggest ever hit ‘Double Barrel’, a ground breaking track that went on to be the biggest reggae track of 1971, reaching the very top of the UK national pop charts in May, and peaking at number 22 in the US Billboard charts in August.

After this pop success Winston Riley continued working as he always had done, producing top quality reggae tracks with a host of Jamaica’s finest singers and musicians. After opening his shop in Chancery Lane, he continued on his quest for the best throughout the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and into the 21st century, never failing to bring his decades of experience and peerless production skills to bear on whatever contemporary music he was producing.

Winston Riley was at the forefront of the Jamaican music business for over forty years, an authentic reggae polymath who had embraced the roles of singer, songwriter, arranger and producer. He had been making plans for a new studio and museum in his Orange Street record shop right up to his death in 2012. He was truly one of Jamaica’s hardest working and most consistent producers, and these two albums represent only a very small part of his huge musical legacy.

Dave Barker – Your Love Is A Game

The Mad Lads – So Afraid
The Techniques – I Feel Alive Again
The Techniques – Heart Of A Man
The Techniques – What Am I To Do
The Techniques -where Were You
The Techniques – The Reason Why
The Shades – Never Gonna Give You Up
The Techniques – Just One Smile
The Techniques – Man Of My World
The Mad Lads – Mother Nature
The Mad Lads – I Never Know
The Techniques You Are My Everything
The Techniques – Time Has Come
The Shades – She’s Gonna Marry Me


Freddie McKay – Picture On The Wall -Deluxe Edition

Picture on the Wall was Freddie McKay’s first album. It was released by Studio One in 1971, and this was the first real introduction to the singer for the reggae public after a series of unsuccessful singles. Despite a potential hit with “Love Is a Treasure” done for Treasure Isle the song was marred by its credit to “Treasure Boy”.

Coming to Studio One with the Soul Defenders allowed Freddie to finally find his voice. His recording of “Picture on the Wall” is a top Studio One track, and was a massive hit for the label. Other top songs for the label include “Drunken Sailor,” “I Am a Freeman,” “Sweet You, Sour You,” and the remake of “Love Is a Treasure,” all found on this release.

Containing 24 tracks, with many tracks not found on album before, this is the definitive collection of Freddie McKay at Studio One. The original Jamaican stereo release is found on sides 1 and 2. On the remaining two sides are some of McKay’s top songs, including instrumentals, a DJ version and the extended mix of “Love Is a Treasure.” McKay’s untimely death in 1986 cut short a promising career, but here the listener can again rediscover the greatness of one of reggae’s unsung heroes.


01. Picture on the Wall

02. You Are Not the Kind

03. Love Is a Treasure

04. Father Will Cut You Off

05. So Long Forever

06. You’ll Be Sorry

07. High School Dance

08. Slip Away

09. Old Joe

10. A Little Bit Will Do

11. Can’t Go On

12. Watch Your Step

13. Drunken Sailor

14. Drunken Sailor (Version)

15. You’ll Be Sorry (JA Single Mix)

16. You’ll Be Sorry (Version)

17. Picture on the Wall (JA Single Mix)

18. Picture on the Wall (Version)

19. Picture on the Wall (Vers. 3) (Featuring Prince Junior)

20. I Am a Freeman (aka I Am Free, Freeman)

21. Sweet You, Sour You (JA Single Mix)

22. Old and Grey (aka When I Am Grey)

23. My True Love

24. Love Is a Treasure (Extended Mix)


The Kingstonians: Sufferer Expanded Edition

Reissue of the Reggae vocal trio’s sole album from 1970 complete with 12 bonus tracks rounding up all their recordings for the producer Derek Harriott…..Ian Canty hears an influential outfit that only burned brightly for a short time, but what a time…..

Though the Kingstonians didn’t quite manage to hit the UK charts during the Skinhead Reggae boom (or Boss Reggae if you prefer), the cuts they released over the two year period documented in this release were wildly popular on dancefloors if not quite making that jump into the mainstream. Back in Jamaica however they set the pace for others to follow.

They were very much a family act with brothers Jackie and Lloyd Barnard joining forces with cousin Lloyd Kerr and, initially, the unrelated Seaford Campbell (though he dropped out after a couple of singles for Studio One). They first made the breakthrough in their homeland in 1967 with Winey Winey (an updated Reggae version is included here) cut with JJ Johnson behind the decks. Though the band recorded a few more discs for Johnson in the Rocksteady era, as the rougher Reggae groove took over they flitted between him and other producers again until another JJ production Mix It Up made a stir and was included the classic Tighten Up Trojan compilation.
Though Mix It Up made waves, the Kingstonians next release was to be perhaps the one record they are remembered for. That was of course Sufferer, the title track of their only album, produced by Derek Harriott who would be a vital component in their success. The lyric depicted the plight of the Kingston’s poor, which would have a tragic resonance given the fortunes of the band’s members fates after their success. Married to a winning tune, Sufferer kicked up a storm on both the JA and UK Reggae scenes and launched the Kingstonians to the forefront of the Reggae boom. It also featured on the second in the Tighten Up series, a key artefact in Skinhead subculture. Though not having the hits of their competitors the Pioneers, their originality saw them viewed in their homeland as the premier vocal act.

After unleashing another cracking single in Singer Man and just as the Reggae boom was beginning to falter Sufferer, the album, appeared. Like a lot of Reggae LPs issued at the time Sufferer was mostly made up of single sides in an effort to cut expenses and get the most out of previously released material. Thus it is a little bitty and uneven at times but the tracks individually are a testament to the Kingstonians’ strengths. The closely grouped backing vocals perfectly compliment the lead and the stomping rhythm tracks were stuff of boot-boy dreams.

Rumble Rumble may not have had as great an impact as a single as its forebearers, but it’s a winning piece of rude Skinhead Reggae and The Clip plays to the band’s strengths – silky smooth vocals gracing an archetypal Reggae love song. Away from the singles, Complicated Scene has a great off-beat vocal line allied to nice skanking rhythms and Your Love comes with some of that “fairground” style organ that is very evocative of the times. Come We Go Moonwalk (also versioned on the only track on the original LP not to feature the Kings’ vocals Easy Ride Reggae) starts with a cracking guitar intro which gives way to a slow dancefloor killer that was almost a glance back to their Rocksteady days. The band’s Gospel roots, which were always somewhere in the background of their vocals, show through and enhance the ballad I’ll Be Around.

Though the album itself is a charming relic of the times, the vast majority of the tracks would still fill the floor at many a Reggae Revival show. The bonus offerings are not without interest either. Though producer Harriott was not on a par with Perry or Coxsone, some of the instrumental cuts here verge on primitive dub techniques and are garnished with strange echoing vocals introductions/interludes. On most of these re-cuts the band were renamed the Crystalites. Undertaker’s Burial works well with the vocal distortions adding to the spooky atmosphere and Rumble Version 2 make use of the drop-out which would quickly become a Dub trademark.

Of the few vocal takes among the bonuses, Out There shows the band ahead of the game again as this track hints at Roots which was to come to prominence later in the 70s. Version two of this song that follows is sparser and more upbeat and Right From Wrong catches the band’s vocal skills in fine style. The collection ends with the bizarre medley Version From 3, which bolts together Sufferer, Singer Man and Winey Winey in a curious and, it has to be said, slightly ham-fisted kind of way.
After this album the Kingstonians’ star waned and they stuttered on until the mid-70s as a shadow of the band they once were. Band leader and song writer Jackie Barnard recorded with Lee Perry under the nom de plume of Jack Lord, but sadly he and his brother soon slid into penury and his cousin Kerr found himself a prison inmate. Jackie made an attempt to relaunch the Kingstonians in 1998, but after that failed to come to fruition he returned to the life of a sufferer in Kingston, scraping a living until he passed away in September 2014 at the age of 66.
If I had one slight gripe with what is overall a fine reissue it would be that the sleeve-notes, which ably depict the Kingstonians rise and fall, don’t have much information around the album’s recording and release. Though to be fair the writer Lance Cane-Honeysett does explain that information about the group is scant at best even in the internet age and he can be commended for pulling what he did together. This aside we’re really in moonstomping heaven with sometimes sweet, sometimes impassioned voices combining with crunching rhythms to great effect, the true spirit of 69/70. All of which adds up to another quality release on the reactivated Doctor Bird label.
Review by : Ian Canty

Track List :
1.”Your Love”
2.”Singer Man”
4.”Hold Down”
5.”I’ll Be Around”
6.”Winey Winey (Reggae)”
7.”The Clip”
8.”Rumble Rumble”
9.”Come We Go Moonwalk”
10.”Complicated Scene”
11.”Easy Ride Reggae” (instrumental)
12.”Nice Nice”
13.”Kiss A Little Finger”
14.”Undertaker’s Burial” (instrumental)
15.”Splash Down” (instrumental)
16.”Sic Him Rover” (instrumental)
17.”Right From Wrong”
18.”The Bad” (instrumental)
19.”Musical Madness” (instrumental)
20.”Rumble” (version 2 – instrumental)
21.”Barefoot Brigade” (instrumental)
22.”Out There”
23.”Out There” (version 2)
24.”Version From 3″


Susan Codogan – Don’t Know Why New Single

Susan Codogan
Este 2017 La señora Codogan retomo el camino de la cantada con la mano amiga del productor canadiense Mitch “King Kong” Girio .
Un extenuante trabajo que brinda frutos así es como lo asegura Mitch Girio por todas las dificultades de distancias para poder realizar los trabajos realizados .

A lo largo del Año se han liberado sencillos junto con sus versiones en Dub para todo amante del Lovers Rock Reggae seguramente vas a disfrutar esta nueva etapa de Codogan cada sencillo es muy recomendable actualmente son 4 sencillos que ya se encuentran es su pagina oficial en BandCamp

Una Aportación de Cortecia por parte del Sello discografico el sencillo mas reciente de Codogan
Sin duda no olvides de visitar su pagina .

1.Don’t Know Why (2017)
2.Dub Know Why



Llegó Octubre y con él un nuevo recorrido del Rude Boy Train Skazine, el numero 31, desde Barquisimeto-Venezuela. Como de costumbre haremos de nuestros vagones amplios salones de baile para que nuestros pasajeros bailen al ritmo de lo mejor de los ritmos jamaiquinos.
Lógicamente realizaremos nuestras respectivas paradas en parajes donde seremos recibidos por diversos exponentes del Ska y el Reggae. No se hable más, Todos a Bordo. Pick It Up… Stay Rude.

October arrived and with him a new tour of the Rude Boy Train Skazine, the number 31, from Barquisimeto-Venezuela. As usual we will make our wagons spacious ballrooms for our passengers to dance to the best of Jamaican rhythms. Logically we will make our respective stops in places where we will be received by various exponents of Ska and Reggae. Do not talk any more, All aboard. Pick It Up … Stay Rude.

1.- Intensified “Rum Papa” (Inglaterra)
2.- The Gramophone Allstars Big Band “Iko Iko” (España)
3.- The Selecter “Tacking Back Control” (Inglaterra)
4.- The Beat “On My Way” (Inglaterra)
5.- TRICIA & THE SUPERSONICS “Please Help Me, I’m Falling” (Jamaica)
6.- Roy Panton & Millie Small “We’ll Meet” (Jamaica)
7.- The Funaddicts “All Day Till Midnight” (Australia)
8.- Los Fabulosos Cadillacs feat Debbie Harry “Strowberry Fields” (Argentina/USA)
9.- Desorden Público feat Pablo Dagnino “Mirandonos” (Venezuela)
10.- Sentimiento Muerto “Nada Sigue Igual” (Venezuela)
11.- WAHALA “El Barco” (Venezuela)
12.- La Radio Candela “Che Manuel” (Venezuela)
13.- Bang Data “Veneno” (USA)
14.- Don Johnson Big Band “What’s Time Is It” (Finlandia)
15.- Sangria Gratuite (page officielle) “Me Voy” (Francia)
16.- STEEVOS TEEN “Mac Do” (Francia)
17.- Baked A La Ska “Chasing Ghosts” (Inglaterra)
18.- Kellerkommando “Ich Un Du” (Alemania)
19.- NGOBO NGOBO “Give It Up” (Alemania)
20.- The Baboonz “Goodbye” (Alemania)




AVISO IMPORTANTE: El Rude Boy Train Skazine, desde Barquisimeto/Venezuela iniciará su recorrido numero 30, despidiendo el mes de Septiembre con un cargamento musical proveniente de diversos rincones del mundo.
Para ello se ha dispuesto en los vagones altavoces para que sus pasajeros disfruten de lo mejor de los ritmos jamaiquinos en este viaje de 2 horas. Por favor suban a bordo llenos de la mejor vibra.
Que Viva la Musica… Stay Rude….

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Rude Boy Train Skazine, from Barquisimeto / Venezuela will start its journey number 30, dismissing the month of September with a musical cargo coming from different corners of the world. For this purpose,
speakers have been arranged in the car speakers so that their passengers enjoy the best of Jamaican rhythms in this 2-hour trip.
Please get on board filled with the best vibe. Live the Music … Stay Rude ….

1.- The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra Official “Bite The Bullet” (Inglaterra)
2.- Vieja Skina “Kingstonian Beat” (Perú)
3.- The Skatalites Band “Wild Honey” (Jamaica)
4.- The Toasters “Can I Get Another” (USA)
5.- The Busters “The Good Go To Heaven” (Alemania)
6.- Marcus Gad & TRIBE “Soul Talk” (Nueva Caledonia)
7.- PUPPA LËK SÈN “Lokomoffin” (Senegal)
8.- Buckman Coe “World Waking Up” (Canada)
9.- Sur Mártires – Reggae Real “Conciencia” (Venezuela)
10.- CHUCHUGUAZA STYLE “Un Nuevo Dia” (Venezuela)
11.- Volantines Banda “Nos Persigue la Fiesta” (Argentina)
12.- Hormigas Negras “Viajando” (Argentina)
13.- Skalo “Pelear” (Mexico)
14.- Sangria Gratuite (page officielle) “Un Short Un Maillot” (Francia)
15.- Zompa Family “Zompa” (Francia)
16.- Lemon Furia “Albert” (Francia)
17.- Ohrbooten “Alles Fur Alle” (Alemania)
18.- Joe Scholes – Stories And Songs “Perfect” (Alemania)
19.- Arthur Kay & The Clerks “The Last Of The One Named Singers” (Inglaterra/Alemania)
20.- Knock Blockers “Airway” (USA)
21.- Beat Bahnhof “Beat Liner” (Japón)
22.- 東京ブラススタイル (Tokyo Brass Style) “Paranoid” (Japón)
23.- The Selecter “Pass The Power” (Inglaterra)
24.- The Gramophone Allstars Big Band “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” (España)




Rude Boys de Todo el Mundo, ya todo está dispuesto para que se inicie un nuevo recorrido del Rude Boy Train Skazine, pero antes que todo enviamos un mensaje de solidaridad sincero y fraterno a todos los hermanos Rude Boys & Girls de Mexico, quienes atraviesan dificiles momentos por los designios de la naturaleza.
Enviamos nuestras mejores vibras a todos allá y dedicamos este viaje a ustedes. Stay Rude…
Siempre Unidos, desde Venezuela con Ustedes./

Rude Boys from Around the World, and everything is ready to start a new tour of the Rude Boy Train Skazine,
but first of all we send a message of sincere and fraternal solidarity to all the brothers Rude Boys & Girls of Mexico,
who are going through difficult times moments by the designs of nature. We send our best vibes to all there and dedicate this trip to you. Stay Rude … Always United, from Venezuela with you.

1.- TSF (Toulouse Skanking Foundation) “Boilin’ Hot” (Francia)
2.- Rafa de la Torre Latin Ska “Tabú” (Cuba)
3.- Hepcat “I Can’t Wait” (USA)
4.- New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble “Bemsha Swing” (USA)
5.- Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra “You Don’t Know (What Ska Is) (Japón)
6.- Marcus Gad & TRIBE “Keep Cool” (Nueva Caledonia)
7.- UB40 “Light My Fire” (Inglaterra)
8.- Gondwana “Felicidad” (Chile)
9.- Markus Sprengler “Tell Me” (Alemania)
10.- Daniel Puente Encina “San Antonio” (Chile)
11.- Skalo “Aires de Rebelion” (Mexico)
12.- Los Kaites “Orgullo Rude” (Costa Rica)
13.- Carnaval Patético Ska “Ska Para Morir en Paz” (Perú)
14.- La RuraL “No Me Duele” (Colombia)
15.- Sangria Gratuite (page officielle) “La Peña” (Francia)
16.- SANGRIA GRATUITÉ “Que Bolá” (Francia)
17.- Desorden Público “San Antonio” (Venezuela)
18.- Inspector Oficial “Besame Mucho” (Mexico)
19.- Skapital Sound “Un Loco De Mente” (Mexico)
20.- Zona Kingston “El Arbol de los Ciruelos” (Mexico)
21.- The Selecter “Daylight” (Inglaterra)
22.- WE LIKE BAD MANNERS “Skinhead Love Affair” (Inglaterra)